Known for carrying only the highest quality tools for your project, Blaze has a large selection of the most popular teeth in stock as well as your source for the “not so common” teeth. Whether you need individual teeth, buckets of teeth or even pallets of teeth, Blaze will provide you with the exact type and quantity needed for your job.
Count on Blaze for expert Kelly bar fabrication and repair. Our technicians have years of field service experience and training. With us, you get the right leaders to facilitate all your kelly bar needs. Our goal is to keep you up and running.
We supply the necessary parts to keep you up and running. And we’re always here to provide the expert assistance you need.

Service & Support

Our experienced service technicians have the tools and diagnostic software to make virtually any repair on the spot, 24/7. We also offer preventative maintenance to save you money, and ensure your rigs are up and running at their best.


We have the largest selection of in-stock, ready to use augers and adapters to fit any size job and to help bridge the connection between multiple brand/size rigs with your tooling or ours to minimize your job cost.

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