Looking for a new foundation drilling rig? HPM has created the most robust, high-quality foundation drilling machines out there. These rigs feature smaller footprints with higher torque along with the best transport configurations, and the 180+ is no exception. Let’s look at some of the latest features that make the HPM180+ foundation drilling rig better than ever!

Size & Versatility

The HPM 180+ is built to tackle everything from deep bored piles to displacement piles to soil mixing. It’s mounted on a Cat330 NGH Base with a CAT undercarriage that shrinks down from 14 feet in drill mode to 9 feet 10 inches for transportation, providing you with the versatility needed for a variety of jobs.

In short mast configuration, the hydraulic drilling rig HPM180+ has been specially designed to work in narrow spaces with limited headroom. Making it the ideal machine to drill under bridges, power lines, and inside buildings. The HPM180 drill rig is also completely self-erecting and can be transported as one load with the Kelly bar mounted.

Strength & Speed

Not only does the HPM 180+ have a 275 Horsepower engine for maximum Hydraulic power, but the rotary is also designed with two large pinions and a ring gear supported by high-speed rotation bearings. The pinions rotate using two bent-axis, variable displacement motors and two gearboxes with power shift transmissions.

The Rotary on this machine has 160,000 ft. lbs. of effective torque. Plus, it has 6-foot tooling capabilities in front of the mast and 11 feet under the mast. The rotary pullback is 90,000 ft. lbs. of torque with a push force of 40,000 ft. lbs. If that wasn’t enough, equipped with a 150-foot Kelly bar, the HPM 180+ has a transport weight of up to 114,000 pounds. And the main winch has a starting pull force of 46,000 ft. lbs. of torque.

To manage all that power, this machine is equipped with a gear control system that allows the operator to quickly reach optimal spin-off speed. During the working phase, the operator can choose from 10-speed level choices ranging from 9 to 27 rotations per minute.

Easy Monitoring & Control

The HPM 180+ also comes with its own hydraulic system for positioning, making the CAT hydraulic plan for the rotary rotation and the main winch pull fully operational. The controls for the drilling phase use two main joysticks, so you can safely keep your focus on the job at hand. The left side controls your swing movements, main winch, auxiliary winch, food cylinder, and automatic return while the right side controls your rotary, crowd cylinder, rotary speed, and spin-off.

While you’re utilizing these controls, you’ll be able to monitor and control rig performance and operation using the HPM180+’s two computer screens. This makes controlling your machine a breeze. The computer automatically verticalizes the mast and provides data on both the mast and kelly bar position, crowd cylinder push force, main winch, and rotary. It also gives you rear and side camera view access, and lets you know when it’s time for a filter or oil change.

Ready to start your next drilling project? The HPM 180+ drill rig is available now for rental or purchase. As a pioneer in drill rig service, Blaze Equipment is your exclusive nationwide dealer for HPM foundation drill rig equipment, and we provide you with the service you deserve. Come by and see us or visit our contact page to get drilling today!