If you’re in need of a new drilling rig, look no further than Blaze Equipment. The HPM 125 drill rig is the ideal machine for all of your foundation, rathole, and landfill drilling needs. Read on to learn more about what makes the HPM 125 drill rig the best in its class in terms of easy permitting, maximum rotary torque, and tooling capabilities.

Multiple Configurations for Easy Permitting

This HPM125 is available in both standard and short mast configurations, giving you options to fit the job at hand. Weighing in at 82,300 pounds in standard mode makes transportation economical without the need for oversized permits. Like any other HPM drill rig, it’s also easily converted from standard to short mast configuration by un-bolting or bolting in the mast extension, pull-down cylinder, kelly bar, and wire rope.

The short mast configuration makes this rig perfect for job sites where space and height are limited. With a minimum overall height of just 18 feet, the operator can work in low-headroom spaces such as under bridges or on power lines inside buildings. For a transportation weight in short mast configuration, this machine has 74,900 lbs. The transportation height is 11 ft. 9 in. and the transportation width is 8 ft. 3 in. That makes this machine the easiest to permit here in the US. These different configurations make the HPM 125 a truly multipurpose rig. And this versatility means you can count on efficient operation and maintenance.

Highest Maximum Rotary Torque

The HPM125 rotary provides a maximum effective torque of 94,000 ft. lbs. This is the most in its class by five to ten percent. This unique rotary design is equipped with a large pinion and ring gear supported by a high-speed rotation bearing. The pinion is controlled and moved using a variable displacement motor and a gearbox equipped with a power shift transmission.

With 10-speed level choices available, you can easily choose the right rotary rotation speed for any project. This machine’s gear control system allows the operator to quickly reach optimal spin-off speed. And HPM’s unique CAT hydraulic plan makes for easy positioning during operations.

Largest Tooling Capability In Its Class

On top of its versatility and rotary power, another thing that really makes the HPM 125 special is that it has the largest tooling capability in its class. In fact, it’s able to fit a 6-ft tool in front of the mast and a 10-ft tool underneath the mast. Making it ideal for even your biggest drilling projects. And it works in a variety of settings including oil fields, landfill, and the general construction industry. By combining innovative design and using the highest quality components, all HPM models are built for durability. That’s why they’re guaranteed to withstand everyday hard-working site conditions.

If you’re ready to see what this machine can do for you, Blaze Equipment has you covered. As a pioneer in drill rig service, we’re your exclusive nationwide dealer for HPM foundation drill rig equipment, and we provide you with the service you deserve. The HPM 125 is available now for rental or purchase, so give us a call or visit our contact page today.