Kelly bars are a critical component for any drilling task involving a Kelly configuration. And because of the massive amount of stress, wear, and tear they go through, using a lower-quality Kelly bar or neglecting maintenance can lead to on-site breakdowns that end up causing costly delays for your project — and that’s on top of all the hassle.

As with any drill component, quality and build are the two most important aspects to ensuring superior performance and longevity. If you’re looking for better Kelly bars that can withstand more usage while also offering a higher level of performance, Custom-made Kelly bars from Blaze Equipment are the answer.

Let’s talk about the three main benefits you’ll get from each Blaze Kelly bar.

1. Quality Control

Quality of materials and the expertise in the build itself are both paramount in building a Kelly bar that can service your job sites for years to come. Unlike many foreign-made stock Kelly bars from big manufacturers, Blaze Kelly bars are custom-made right here in Texas by our experienced fabricators.

Each Kelly bar made by our team can be configured to your exact specifications and needs. By sourcing your Kelly bars from a local fabricator, you can be sure you’re getting bars made from the most durable materials and with attention to every last detail. This instantly transfers into a better quality of work at every job site.

2. Improved Performance

Blaze Kelly bars feature an optimal build design intended to get the maximum amount of performance with each use, transferring the maximum torque over the full extended length. Furthermore, our bars utilize 6 rows of locks instead of 3, which means you’re getting twice the wear surface, less stress, and double the life from each bar.

This automatically makes your drilling more efficient while also extending the bar’s lifespan — both of which lead to less overhead expenses and faster project times. The improved performance offered by our Kelly bars will also result in less wear on all of your Kelly drilling equipment.

3. Exceptional Service and Care from Drilling Industry Veterans

All of our metal fabricators possess years of experience in the drilling field, so we know precisely what you’re looking for with your drill parts. We do everything in our power to deliver the highest-quality custom-made Kelly bars for your team as quickly as possible because we know the difference it can make for your projects going forward. In addition to custom builds, we can also provide light refurbishment for your operable Kelly bars, along with basic regular service.

Having issues with your Kelly drilling equipment? Bring it by to us; we’ll give it all a thorough inspection and advise on what adjustments and repairs can be made to get your gear up and running on an optimized level.

Final Thoughts

Our philosophy at Blaze Equipment is simple: we build and service drilling equipment to perform exactly as we’d want for ourselves out on a job site. We are invested in the success of your business and projects, and we know what it takes to provide the craftsmanship and expertise needed to do so.

Kelly drilling is still one of the most widely-utilized and intensive drilling methods in the industry, so why not ensure that you’re using the best equipment possible? Click here to learn more about our Kelly bar services, or simply contact us today by calling 817-678-7370 or visiting our contact page.