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Top Maintenance Tips for Kelly Bars

As you probably already know, Kelly bars are an essential piece to your Kelly drill rig configuration. And since Kelly drilling remains one of the most utilized drilling methods, these bars go through quite a bit of stress, wear, and tear, which means they are

Why Blaze Foundry Core Barrels are Better

Core barrels are used for some of the toughest drilling tasks, which typically involves drilling through hard rock and steel-reinforced concrete. If your conventional augers are not getting the job done, foundry core barrels can be used in conjunction with tapered rock augers. The barrel

3 Reasons Why Blaze Foundry Teeth are Better

At Blaze Equipment, we take pride in crafting our own foundry teeth for drilling jobs. The reason? Because they’re better. Read on to see the top 3 benefits you’ll get from Blaze foundry teeth and learn about why we started making them in the first

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