Drill Rigs


Explore the world of drilling with Blaze Equipment's advanced Drill Rigs. Our robust machinery is designed to deliver precision and efficiency in various drilling applications. From exploration to construction projects, our Drill Rigs offer reliability and power, ensuring optimal performance in challenging terrains. Count on Blaze Equipment for cutting-edge solutions that elevate your drilling capabilities and contribute to the success of your projects.


64,200 ft lbs of Effective Rotary Torque

Tall mast Configuration: Operating/Transport weight under 44,000 lbs

Short Mast Configuration: 42’ depth capabilities while being under 19’ tall

Feature-Rich Precision

The HPM 80 excels in precision with its advanced laser-guided cutting technology, ensuring accurate and flawless results across various materials. Additionally, its automated self-calibration feature streamlines operations, reducing setup time and enhancing productivity.

Versatile Powerhouse

The HPM 80 boasts unparalleled versatility, accommodating a wide range of applications due to its modular design that allows easy customization. Its high-speed performance combined with adaptive tooling options makes it an ideal solution for diverse industrial needs.